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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CI Update

Here's a quick update about my CI progress.

I had my three month mapping today. Everything looks great. The
audiologist said I'm doing well and starting to stabilize. The
nerve is no longer as sensitive so we were able to add more

She worked her magic. Turned up some sounds. Turns others down.
Same old drill that involves playing around to see what works.

At one point, the audiologist freaked me out a little. She has
the habit of talking to herself. She muttered something about an
electrode that "changed itself. I think it's alive."


Now that I'm starting to show some improvement, I told my parents
and son that they need to actually TALK to me. To practice, I
asked my mother to name fruits that she likes to eat. I almost
got them all. I distinctly heard her say strawberry, apple,
grapes and cantaloupe. Then she decided to be cute. She said
"snozzberry." I picked up on the s sound but couldn't figure
out the rest.

I obviously live with a bunch of clowns. It will be interesting
to see how I do with their help. I go back again in three to
six months.

Now, if only my elbow would stop hurting so much.....

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